Thermosets for Applications with UV Exposure

As a thermoset injection molder, Woodland Plastics partners with a number of customers in different industries and end-markets to manufacture their thermoset parts and components. The physical properties of molded thermosets allow parts to remain dimensionally and chemically stable even when exposed to aggressive and challenging environments. Outdoor applications with high UV exposure are one area where most traditional engineered thermoplastics may discolor or see diminished physical properties over time, potentially harming the integrity of the molded part or assembly. By incorporating thermoset molding into your outdoor design, components will remain strong, durable, and as aesthetically pleasing as the day the parts were molded throughout the life of the product.

Applications with UV Exposure Applications with UV Exposure

Applications including outdoor grill components such as handles and shelves, outdoor lighting and light housings or enclosures, as well as utility components all live outside and are exposed to varying elements, including UV exposure. Thermosets allow outdoor components to remain durable over the life of the product, all while keeping a highly aesthetic look without incurring a high material cost. Compared to high-performing thermoplastic materials such as PPS or PEEK materials, thermosets offer a low cost per lb. for raw material, allowing molded thermosets to provide components a perfect balance of performance while keeping costs down.

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