Thermoset Molding for Appliance Applications – Aesthetics

As a custom thermoset molder, Woodland Plastics has a variety of customers in the appliance sector. Appliance OEMs implement molded thermosets into their part designs due to an excellent combination of aesthetic and performance characteristics.

AestheticsThermoset colored dishes
The first challenge for appliance OEMs is to design a part or component that consumers want to buy. Because many appliance applications are visible, appliance OEMs seek out the best-looking, most vibrant products they can put to market in order to maximize sales and market share. Some thermoset materials, including Bulk Molding Compounds (BMCs), allow for molded-in colors to match to nearly any color standard.

Grill handleAppliance components may also require either a high gloss or textured finish, and must be resistant to scratches, stains, blistering, and chemicals or other cleansing agents. Most of all, appliance components must keep a “showroom appearance”, even after thousands of hours of use in high operating temperatures or outside weather conditions.

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