Thermoset Molding for Electrical & Lighting – Cost Effectiveness

Woodland Plastics Corporation offers extensive thermoset molding expertise and services to various OEMs and suppliers in the Electrical and Lighting industries. With an excellent blend of Electrical Performance, Durability, & Cost Effectiveness; components molded from thermoset materials such as Bulk Molding Compounds (BMCs), Phenolic resins, Epoxies, & DAPs are used in a wide variety of electrical & lighting applications.

Cost Effectiveness

Aside from offering superior electrical performance & durability characteristics over other materials, molded thermoset components also provide great cost & design advantages over metals or engineered thermoplastics, including:

End cap destMold-ability – Due to excellent mold-ability, thermoset molded parts & components may be molded from intricate designs.

Part Consolidation – Consolidate the number of parts in an assembly with thermoset injection molding.

High Yield – Components injection molded provide a much higher product yield than producing metal counterparts, resulting in faster lead time to market.

Lower Weight – Reduce the weight of a component assembly by switching from a metal to thermoset.

Terminal block appliance industry

Reduced Secondary Machining – Reduce or eliminate secondary machining operations by utilizing tight tolerances from molding.

Low Shrink & Creep – Thermoset components offer a much lower shrink and higher creep resistance properties when comparing with engineered thermoplastic components.

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