Thermoset Molding for Electrical & Lighting Applications – Durability

Woodland Plastics Corporation offers extensive thermoset molding expertise and services to various OEMs and suppliers in the Electrical and Lighting industries. With an excellent blend of Electrical Performance, Durability, & Cost Effectiveness; components molded from thermoset materials such as Bulk Molding Compounds (BMCs), Phenolic resins, Epoxies, & DAPs are used in a wide variety of electrical & lighting applications.


While electrical & lighting components must offer excellent electrical characteristics based on the application, products and assemblies must also continue to remain dimensionally & chemically stable throughout the life of the product. While some materials will eventually degrade or deteriorate in harsh environments, thermoset components provide excellent durability characteristics, including:

Terminal block appliance industryCorrosion Resistance – While metals will eventually corrode with exposure to moisture, thermoset components offer excellent corrosion resistance.

Dimensional Stability – Electrical terminal blocks must remain dimensionally stable within high temperatures and strong electrical currents.

Encapsulation/Sealing – Applications such as an electrical housing may require superior sealing or encapsulation to prevent moisture absorption.

Humidity Resistance – Outdoor lighting applications may be exposed to high humidity throughout the life of the product, which can deteriorate electrical insulation properties.

High Strength – Electrical motor assemblies must include components that are strong enough to handle high mechanical loads.

Low CTE – Circuit breakers & assemblies require a low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) to resist changes in shape, area, & volume when exposed to cycling or rapid temperatures.

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