Thermoset Molding for Electrical/Lighting Applications – Electrical Performance

Woodland Plastics Corporation offers extensive thermoset molding services & expertise to various OEMs and their suppliers in the Electrical and Lighting industries. With an excellent blend of Electrical Performance, Durability, & Cost Effectiveness; components molded from thermoset materials, including Bulk Molding Compounds (BMCs) & Phenolic resins, are used in a wide variety of electrical & lighting applications.

Electrical Performance

Because electrical & lighting applications are exposed to a range of rapidly changing environments, products must offer excellent electrical performance characteristics to resist physical and chemical degradation. Utilizing molded thermosets in your product design may provide the following electrical characteristics:

Thermoset Polyester Insulation PlugHigh Dielectric Strength – Electrical & lighting components must withstand certain amounts of electrical voltage before breaking down, depending on the application.

Electrical Insulation – Power transmission & low voltage insulators must resist the flow of electrical charges or currents to prevent physical and chemical deterioration of the parts.

Thermal Shock Resistance – Electrical motor components may require stability to withstand rapid changes in temperature.

Electric Motor Governor SpoolElectrical Conductivity – Heat sinks applications require conductive materials in which heat transfers through a material or component easily and/or freely.

UL Flammability Rating – Many components or assemblies must be UL approved for flammability resistance, such as V-0, HB, or 5VA safety standards.

UV Resistance to LEDs and/or Sunlight – In outdoor or LED lighting applications, components are exposed to UV from LED bulbs or sunlight and must remain dimensionally & chemically stable.

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