Thermoset Molding for Appliance Applications – Cost Savings

As a custom thermoset molder, Woodland Plastics has a variety of customers in the appliance sector. Appliance OEMs implement thermosets into their part designs due to an excellent combination of aesthetic and performance characteristics at a low manufacturing cost.

Cost Savings
Utilizing thermoset materials within appliance applications offers a host of performance and functionality benefits, however one of the biggest drivers in choosing thermoset materials is cost savings. Due to the excellent mold-ability of thermoset plastics, designers and engineers are able to consolidate multiple parts of an assembly; limiting their supplier base while reducing overall part weight and secondary machining costs.

Thermoset terminal blockComparing the cost per pound of raw material, thermosets are extremely cost-competitive vs. thermoplastics with similar performance specifications, with thermoset raw material prices ranging from roughly a $1 per lb. up to $3 or $4 per lb. depending on the formulation and quantity purchased. The cost of raw material for thermoset plastics is also much more inelastic than metals and alloys, allowing for greater accuracy in cost forecasting.
Thermoset appliance panel

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