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Using ERP Software for Predictive Maintenance

With a commitment to quality, Woodland Plastics leverages technology to improve its overall quality functions. One area of focus is maintaining Predictive Maintenance standards through our manufacturing ERP software. By using a centralized software system to document and schedule predictive maintenance, Woodland reduces potential quality issues before they happen, providing an assurance to customers that […]

Using Thermosets in Electrical Components

As a performance-based molding material, thermoset plastics are widely used in various electrical component applications. Implementing a molded thermoset into a product design gives the product added protection against challenging electrical environments in which components and part assemblies are at the risk of degradation. Parts such as circuit breakers, electrical enclosures or housings, covers, relays, […]

Heat Resistance in Molded Thermosets

As engineers and designers continually try and maximize their product application’s performance, thermosets are becoming more attractive to implement into component designs and assemblies. Molding thermoset materials such as a phenolic or bulk molding compound (BMC) polyester or vinyl ester provides an end part with better protection against challenging and aggressive environments including applications exposed […]

Using Thermosets in Electrical Enclosure Applications

As a performance-based composite, thermoset plastics are an excellent material choice for applications exposed to aggressive and challenging environments. One of the top emerging applications for thermoset molding is with electrical enclosure applications. Electrical enclosures are used in all kinds of industries and end-markets including Appliance, Energy, Lighting, Industrial, and Utility markets. Implementing a thermoset […]

Thermosets for Applications with UV Exposure

As a thermoset injection molder, Woodland Plastics partners with a number of customers in different industries and end-markets to manufacture their thermoset parts and components. The physical properties of molded thermosets allow parts to remain dimensionally and chemically stable even when exposed to aggressive and challenging environments. Outdoor applications with high UV exposure are one […]

Assembly with Thermosets

In support of Woodland Plastics’ thermoset molding capabilities, we also offer secondary operations and sourcing services as a full turnkey supplier. Aside from thermoset molding, Woodland can source hardware and component items, and assemble finish goods in-house prior to customer shipments. Woodland Plastics understands managing a complex supplier base can be challenging, and as such […]

Thermoset Molding Processes: Injection vs. Compression

Choosing the right molding process for your thermoset part may seem daunting, but generally there are indicators in the design and program end-use application that push towards a specific molding process. Like thermoplastics, thermosets can be injection molded or compression molded. Each molding process has its own benefits and disadvantages a thermoset molder and end-customer […]

Automation with Thermoset Molding

Woodland Plastics is a custom thermoset molder, located in Addison, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. Specializing in medium-high volume thermoset molding applications, Woodland Plastics partnered with an automotive OEM to provide thermoset phenolic valve body components for the automaker’s transmission plants. As the program started, it was very labor-intensive, with Woodland operators manually removing the […]

Thermosets in Cold-Weather Applications

Thermosets, or thermosetting plastics, have always been known in the plastics industry as heat-resistant materials. Many of the end-use applications thermoset components are used in may see high temperatures or excessive heat during application use. While thermosets remain dimensionally stable in high-temperature applications, it is not the only temperature-specific property benefit of using molded thermosets. […]

Chemical Resistance in Thermosets

As a custom thermoset phenolic and BMC molder, Woodland Plastics manufactures thermoset components for a variety of customers and end-use applications. Many of our customers’ buyers and engineers are familiar with the heat resistance properties of thermosets, and its ability to remain dimensionally stable within high temperatures. A less common, but just as important material […]