Condensation Drain Pan for HVAC Industry

Condensation Drain Pan for HVAC Industry

As a thermoset BMC molder, Woodland Plastics offers capabilities to mold large thermoset bulk molding compound (BMC) and phenolic parts and geometries. Because our capabilities within this niche area in thermoset molding, Woodland Plastics partnered with an HVAC manufacturer to thermoset injection mold large condensation drain pans out of a thermoset BMC polyester material. These drain pans are thermoset injection molded in a 500-ton press capable of handling large shot sizes.

These BMC molded parts require a high-tonnage thermoset injection press to mold, with a molded shot size over 3 lbs. and a finished part weighing roughly 2.75 lbs. The molded pans are deflashed and degated at the press before being assembled with secondary components, packed, and finally shipped to a customer plant in the US.

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Product Description

Condensation Drain Pan

Molding Process

Injection – Thermoset


Material Bulk Molding Compound (BMC) – Unsaturated Polyester

Molding Machine

500-Ton Thermoset Injection Molding Machine



In-process inspection

Visual Inspection, SPC

Estimated Part Weight

2.75 lbs.

Industry for Use


Standards Met

Customer Supplied Drawing

Product Name

Drain Pan