Grill Handle for Appliance Industry

Grill Handle for Appliance Industry

A manufacturer of outdoor appliances contacted us regarding a project for a grill handle application. The customer required a handle component that is not only heat resistant, but durable enough to retain excellent aesthetic properties even when exposed to various outdoor conditions, including moisture, UV, and a wide range of temperatures.

After researching various heat-resistant plastics, our customer selected Plenco 06511 – a phenolic thermoset material – for the grill handle component due to its heat resistance, surface finish quality, and dimensional stability after thousands of hours of use.

This handle is injection molded from a 2-Cavity tool within a 500-ton thermoset injection machine, and weighs roughly 210 grams as a finished component. The finished component is deflashed before being shipped to a customer in Canada.

Project Highlights for Apex Handle

Product Description

This phenolic handle is used within an outdoor grill application.

Precision Injection Molding Capabilities Applied/Processes

Mold Design
Thermoset Injection Molding

Managed Mold Build

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

500-Ton Thermoset Injection Molding Machine

Overall Part Dimensions

Length: 10.68”
Width: 4.45″

Height: 2.2″

Material Used

Plenco 06511 – Phenolic



In process testing/inspection performed

100% Dimensional Inspection

Estimated Part Weight

210 Grams

Industry for Use


Standards Met

Customer supplied print, CAD Drawing

Product Name

Apex Handle