Electrical Splice Connectors for Aerospace Industry

Electrical Splice Connectors for Aerospace Industry

Woodland Plastics molds various small electrical single and duel splice connectors and contact insulators for a customer in Kansas. These phenolic connectors house wiring and are thermoset injection molded from a phenolic thermoset material to provide high resistance to temperature and fluids. Aside from excellent heat & fluid resistance, the phenolic molding material provides insulating properties to meet stringent electrical performance requirements.

These thermoset connectors are molded from a thermoset 2-cavity family mold that produces a male and female detail. Molded parts are wheelabrated, sorted, and inspected before being shipped to the customer plant for assembly.

Project Highlights for Electrical Splice Connector

Product Description

Electrical connectors used in wiring splice and insulators

Molding Process

Injection – Thermoset



Molding Machine

80-Ton Thermoset Injection Molding Machine



In process inspection

Visual Inspection, SPC

Estimated Part Weight

.5 grams

Industry for Use


Standards Met

Customer Supplied Drawing

Product Name