End Cap for Lighting Industry

End Cap for Lighting Industry

Interested in a molding material that provides excellent insulation and electrical performance; a Lighting customer contacted us about our thermoset molding services for an end cap used within a fluorescent lighting insulator application.

Using Durez 32962 – a phenolic thermoset material – this end cap was injection-compression molded from a 42-Cavity tool within a 250-ton thermoset molding machine. The final part weighs only 1.6 grams and is visually inspected by an automated vision inspection system before being shipped to a customer plant in Texas.

Project Highlights for End Cap

Product Description

This phenolic plastic end cap is used within the fluorescent lighting industry.

Custom Injection Molding Capabilities Applied/Processes

Mold Design

  • Managed Mold Build

Injection-Compression Molding

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

42 Cavity Mold
250 Ton Thermoset Injection Molding Machine

Overall Part Dimensions

O.D.: Ø.976″
Socket Length: .650

Socket Width: .3425
Height: .479″

Tightest Tolerances


Material Used

Durez Phenolic Plastic



In process testing/inspection performed

100% Vision Inspection

Estimated Part Weight

1.6 Grams

Industry for Use


Standards Met

Customer supplied print, CAD Drawing

Product Name

Fluorescent Lighting Insulator