Molded Circuit Breakers

Molded Circuit Breakers

Woodland Plastics has experience molding a variety of circuit breaker components including covers, bases, cases, and handles in both thermoset BMC and phenolic molding materials. Circuit breaker components are molded in multi-cavitation molds and then deflashed and inspected prior to shipment to customer assembly plants. Depending on specific requirements, some circuit breaker components also include a post-baking operation after molding for additional cure.

Utilizing thermoset materials into molded circuit breakers enhances safety and provides high protection against electrical current, voltage, and electrical arc/track in addition to offering heat and corrosion resistant properties.

Project Highlights for Molded Circuit Breakers

Product Description

Molding, Deflashing, and Post Baking of Electrical Circuit Breaker Components

Molding Process

Injection – Thermoset


Bulk Molding Compound (BMC), Phenolic

Molding Machine

150T, 300T, 500T



In-Process Inspection

SPC, Gauge Testing

Industry for Use

Residential and Commercial Circuit Breaker

Standards Met

Customer supplied Drawing