Slip Ring for Electrical Industry

Slip Ring for Electrical Industry

With an application requiring a high performance material, a manufacturer of wind turbine components contacted Woodland Plastics regarding our thermoset molding expertise to thermoset injection mold slip rings and brush holders out of a material resistant to high temperatures and providing electrical performance characteristics such as a high dielectric strength and low arc/track resistance. After reviewing material options, the customer decided on a fiberglass reinforced phenolic molding compound, RX 655.

The slip ring component shown above is thermoset injection molded in a 150-ton press before being post-baked, or annealed, for 8 hours. After the post-bake operation, parts are deflashed, given a final inspect by quality, and finally packed for customer shipment.

Project Highlights for Slip Ring

Product Description

Slip ring used in a wind turbine application

Molding Process

Injection – Thermoset



Equipment Used to


Molding Machine

80-Ton Thermoset Injection Molding Machine



In-Process Inspection

Dimensional Inspection

Estimated Part Weight

78 grams

Industry for Use

Wind Turbine

Standards Met

Customer Supplied Drawing

Product Name

Ring Spacer